Outdoor Management

At Grass Masters, we take the things we love and offer to share them with the world!

Analysis of land:
We take aerial photos of property and apply natural draws, bedding and pressure into consideration. We then go to your property and look at food, health of herd, many other variables and apply it to a program specifically for you.

Grass Masters can periodically check on your property by boat, bike or horseback in order to address issues like poachers and trespassing.

Cameras and Feeders:
New technology in the hunting industry has brought hunting to the digital age. We have helped implement new technology and tools into properties that has helped bring home bigger and better trophies. If you watch hunting shows, they constantly stress the importance of herd management. If you can't see them, you cannot manage them. Let Grass Masters implement systems to manage your herd!

Stands and Blinds:
Grass Masters also has deer stands for sale or rent. All of our stands are constructed out of aluminum or galvanized steel. The stands that we draft and build are made to last. Our 4 x 5 aluminum shooting house weighs approximately 350 lbs. and can easily be put up by two people, − it is that easy! Did we mention the floor is 14 ft. tall? Contact us today to rent or buy one of our stands or blinds.

Plots and Minerals:
Food plots year round are important and minerals for your heard are a must! Even if you have existing land minerals, try Grass Masters' mix for a season! We have done our homework and have put together our very own mineral mix, which includes the main ingredients to grow BIG ONES!

Rules and Regulations:
We make sure you know what days to go and when the seasons are open! Grass Masters has made connections with local game enforcement, as well as Federal. When Grass Masters manages a property, wardens know that we do not allow illegal activity.

We can fence your property in and keep people out, whether it be 2 strands of wire, an eight-foot-high fence or gates for entryways.

Grass Masters has connections within the whitetail breeding community and has 13 does bred to the number one buck in the world. If everything goes well, we will have some very impressive one year old whitetails by next year. If you are interested in setting up a 400-acre, high-fenced facility we can handle it from start to finish.