Tree Farm & Nursery

Why plant a twig, when you can plant big

At Grass Masters, we have thousands of trees ranging from 2-inch to 10-inch, caliper-ready to provide instant shade, for your home, golf course, city, university, or new development.

With our spades we can move trees that give automatic shade upon planting. We believe you should not have to wait 10 years to have a nice tree in your front yard. We now make it affordable to plant big trees!

We are currently in the remodeling process and for the next few months, all tree previewing will be by appointment only due to construction on the farm. Please call the office and we will have specific times for viewing during the week.

How to Buy a Tree?

Give us a call! We will preview your location for trees to be planted, and if everything is OK then we will go pick your trees. We have thousands of trees, so hopefully you can find one you like. Everyone has personal preference on what they like, so it is important to pick the one that is right for you.

Once trees are selected, we can get you scheduled and you make an investment into your future.